Hong Leong Group The Opus Condo Singapore

Hong Leong Group is one of the largest and the most successful conglomerates in Asia. This globally diversified company which was started in 1941 by Kwek Hong Png has gross assets of over S$ 40 billion and it was named as Singapore’s property king in 2016 having sold more than a thousand units. The Opus Condo former Amber Park is by Hong Leong Group. It is located near to East Coast Park

Hong Leong Group The Opus Condo Singapore

Headquartered in Singapore, the group employs more than 40,000 people worldwide. Hong Leong Group is built on strong foundations with core business focus on property development, financial services as well as trade and industry. The group’s Corporate Property Profile has seen it ranked as one of the biggest residential developers and the largest commercial landlords in Singapore’s main Central Business District. It is recognized as one the best innovative key property developers in Singapore. In terms of Hotels, Hong Leong Group is still Singapore’s largest hotel group with more than 150 hotels and over 36, 000 rooms spread across more than 120 countries. This big number puts it on top of hotel groups scoreboard. It is also the largest Asian managed hotel group outside of China. The Opus Hong Leong Condo is the next landmark project in the East Coast area.

In terms of Financial Services, the Hong Leong Finance Limited is the group’s financial arm. The company has been offering financial services to its customers for over 50 years and it’s one of Singapore’s biggest financial companies at the moment. Hong Leong Finance Limited offers financial support to small local as well as big businesses and it has remained committed in serving individual customers and corporates with focus on providing customer- centered financial solutions.

The Opus by Hone Leong Group Former Amber Park Condo

Hong Leong Asia Limited is the group’s Trade and Industry arm and it’s been listed on Singapore’s Stock and Exchange market since 1998.Hong- Leong Corporation -Holdings which is Hong Leong Asia’s immediate-parent has been supplying building materials in Singapore since the 1940s and it has grown to be a major diversified business conglomerate with industrial operations in Malaysia, Singapore, China and Indonesia.Hong-Leong Corporation – Holdings has more than 80 percent of its market outside Singapore. Furthermore, Hong Leong Asia is greatly placed to leverage on its current status in order to scale greater heights.

Hong Leong Group is divided into four different structures i.e. Hong Leong Holdings Limited, Hong Leong Finance Limited, City Developments Limited and Hong Leong Finance Limited. City Holdings Ltd is further divided into City E- Solutions Limited, CDL Hospitality Trusts, Millennium and Copthorne Hotels PLC in addition to other small subsidiaries. Talking about Corporate Citizenship, Hong Leong Group Foundation has an established philosophy of giving back to the society, something it has upheld since its formation in 1980.

The Opus East Coast Park

It’s a belief that was handed down by Kwek Hong Png who believed that success should always be shared with others. The Foundation is also dedicated in other philanthropic causes such as education, sports, arts among others. Being a dynamic and a globally diversified company, Hong Leong Group offers different career opportunities as well as providing experiences that can be put into use across borders. The group’s values and rich heritage in addition to the global reach it offers employees provides individuals with opportunities to shape their careers, improve their professional talents, goals and interests on a global scale.

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