East Coast Park Near to The Opus Condo

East Coast Park is a beach park that stretches from Marina East right to the Bedok planning areas within the Singapore’s south eastern coast. Since its opening over 40 years ago, it has been hosting a wide range of activities that makes it an amazing place where one can visit whenever they need to have to a good time with the family members.

Since the government completed the process of reclaiming land off Katong coast that extends to Kallang from Changi, it has been an excellent place for those who need fun times with family members. In addition, it serves several neighbourhood communities like Marine Parade and Kallang who often visit the area during their free times. East Coast Park is near to The Opus Condo by City Developments Limited and Hong Leong Group. It is the former Amber Park Enbloc.

East Coast Park Near to The Opus Condo by CDL

The park has become a common place for those people who need to unwind and relax due to its remarkable features among those who need them. The park provides barbecue pits, food centres chalets, as well as amenities for several sports activities. As a visitor, you will never miss something that you can do whenever you visit the place especially when you need the place.
What other recreational activities that East Coast Park offers.

1. Ski360 Cable Ski
The East Coast Lagoon has undergone renovation in the year 2005 under the plan of Singapore Sports Council by building a new whitewater sports stadium located at East Coast Park to ensure that it works well for those visiting the place. Since it was opened, it has been attracting many people who need a place to have fun.
2. National Sailing Centre
The common National Sailing Centre, which Singapore Sailing Federation runs has been conducting lots of activities like wind surfing and sailing that makes it an ideal for those who need a place where they can visit when they want fun.
3. East Coast Lagoon Food Centre

East Coast Park Outdoor Activities Near to The Opus

The Food Centre of East Coast Lagoon has been a popular hawker center among locals as well as tourists who love to enjoy the features that it offers. Since the upgrade of hawker center to give it a fresher and newer look, with modern features, the number of people who have been visiting the place has increased remarkably over the past number of years.

When you visit East Coast Park, you will have a wide range of tourist attractions. These includes LilliPutt Indoor Mini Golf, 1.2 Goldkist Beach Resort, National Sailing Centre, Marine Cove, Siglap Canal, Parkland Green, Bedok Jetty, and Xtreme Skatepark at the East Coast among others.

The Opus Condo Former Amber Park Condo

You will always choose from a wide range of options when visiting the area depending on the kind of activity that you would love to enjoy in the area. With these social amenities, you can always travel less than one-kilometre right from the main National Sailing Centre towards the south-eastern Singapore part. During your tour, you will always have some of the popular public park and beaches where you can enjoy yourself depending on what you prefer for your family. When you visit the area, they will provide you a wide range of excellent facilities –recreation, entertainment, food, and sports. In conclusion, East Coast Park is definitely a place where you can visit whenever you need to enjoy your holiday in style.

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